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How team building activities could improve performance in the workplace

It is widely accepted that team building activities promote a stronger work ethic, help to improve interpersonal skills and allow employees in the workplace to feel more confident and reassured. Manchester-based indoor snow experience provider, we have a range of corporate events and activities, which means your team could benefit from exciting team building activities intended to boost morale, while having fun in real snow.

Benefits of team building

Team building activities are often overlooked and seen as outdated and irrelevant, but things are rapidly changing in that respect. In an article by High Speed Training Ltd, the benefits of regular team building are cited as better communication, improved morale, and heightened workplace skills and confidence.

Whether you’re an employer or department leader, what’s not to love about that list?

Here at Chill Factore, we pride ourselves on bringing friends and families together by providing an environment that requires coordination, unity and overcoming challenges. There’s something truly satisfying in gathering your workforce together for a day of whizzing down the slopes. As colleagues help one another other to solve challenges, they’ll also be building valuable skills and confidence that they can carry into the workplace.

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Team building activities in Manchester

Chill Factore has developed some truly unique and innovative team building activities, which are a great opportunity for you to show your workforce that you care about their relationships and personal working experiences. Don’t worry, we won’t be throwing you in at the deep end! We have specially catered for all fitness and age ranges, so that there is something for everybody - we don’t want anybody missing out on the benefits of team building.

Why not try our Sledge Building Activity? Out of all the team building activities in Manchester, this will be the only one you find with real snow (you can hold us to that). In groups, you will be challenged to build a sledge, before the challenge of a big race at the end - to truly test your craft and communication skills. The fun doesn’t stop at this, as the group has access to the Snow Park afterwards to let their hair down.

The fun continues for bigger team building groups

If you’re arriving in a bigger group from a bigger company, you may want to consider the Sub Zero team building challenge - created for groups of 25 to 100. This little tournament includes a series of challenges, ranging from a Sledging Relay, to a Team Luge Slide and an Igloo Build. This uniquely crafted selection of tests was designed to boost the skills needed in the workplace: communication, time-management, efficiency, ingenuity and many more.

With many other activities available, including Yeti Fit (mental and physical challenges) and The Summit Challenge (mountaineering-based skill building) why not take a trip to Chill Factore today and see your workforce come together as a unified group of friends?

If you would like more information on our team building activities, would like to book a session or speak to customer service, please give us a call on 0161 7492225 or email us at

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