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Beginners Skiing Tips with Chill Factore

Want to learn to ski but not sure where to start? Our expert instructors are on the snow all day, every day - so they know a thing or two about skiing. Here’s some handy information from our ski expert, Mikey, about how you can learn to ski for the very first time. Read on for our tried and tested beginners skiing tips, and swot up on the theory before you hit the snow.

How to learn to ski on real snow

Learning to ski on real snow is a huge benefit to your sessions at Chill Factore. We’re home to the UK’s longest indoor real snow slope in the whole of the UK, and we generate new snow each and every night! We rake over the white stuff every evening too, so that it’s the perfect texture and consistency for your beginner lessons. Learning on real snow means you’ll have an authentic learning experience and you’ll be more equipped to take on the snowy mountains of your winter holiday. Our snow offers a realistic surface with unexpected lumps and bumps formed by other skiers, so learning in this environment is really beneficial for people who want to learn how to ski before a ski trip overseas.

Plus - its really fun!

Beginner Skiing Tip 1

  • Get the correct posture
    • Getting your posture right is key for success on the snow. When you balance the right way you ensure you are fully set up for a good run on the way down. Firstly, shift your weight to the middle of your ski, where your toes sit. Make sure your knees, hips and shoulders are in line with your toes, and shift your weight down slightly. Now you’re grounded and ready to go!

Beginner Skiing Tip 2

  • Control your speed
    • A snow plough is used to maintain a nice, steady speed when going downhill. This skill is key for staying in control throughout your time in the snow. Firstly, slide your heels away from each other and keep your toes inline, into an exaggerated triangle shape. Keep your posture, and you’ll be fully in control of your speed.

Beginner Skiing Tip 3

  • Developing turns
    • Developing turns is a really important part of your time on the snow. It helps you to control your speed and navigate effectively around obstacles. To do this, apply pressure downwards into the outside ski. Applying pressure down into the right ski means you will turn left and applying pressure down into the left ski means you turn right. Keep applying pressure through the entirety of the turn before moving into the next turn. Do this consistently down the slope until you reach the bottom.

If you want to know how to learn to ski for real, take a look at our Beginners Skiing Lessons or Courses and book your session today! You can learn how to ski over one day, two days or three weeks. Choose the ideal lessons package for you and we’ll see you on the snow!

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